Over 4 years of product testing has gone into the development of Bitterroot Backpacking. Over this time, we've spent countless days and nights out backpacking with friends, family, and beginner backpackers. We then asked them to write reviews.

Here's what they had to say:

Beth W.

Multiple Day Hikes and Overnights in NJ, PA, NY.

"I would recommend a trip with Bitterroot Backpacking to anyone who is ready to challenge themselves in a new way. The trail is rewarding and Luke is a fantastic resource for beginner backpackers.

Thanks to his expertise and encouragement, I felt comfortable enough to take the leap and now hiking has become a way for me to face my anxieties and doubts about my own physical abilities, as well as get in touch with the natural world. Get out there!"

Sean W.

Multiple Day Hikes and Overnights in Glacier NP, Yellowstone NP, and Beaverhead NF.

"As someone with close to five years of outdoor industry and guiding experience, I can say that the time I spent on a trip with Luke was excellent. The local area knowledge he has really lets you see some hidden gems that would be almost impossible to find otherwise. And, with him on the trip, you're sure to get some amazing pictures. I know we did!"

Megan D.

Multiple Overnights on the Appalachian Trail

" I have been camping and hiking with Luke for 4+ years. He is not just a great trail guide, but also an upbeat, friendly adventure companion! As a giant plus, he always takes fantastic photos to remember your journey. Hiking with Luke always made me feel safe. He knows where water sources are and checks the map and GPS to make sure we’re on track. Additionally, he practices and advocates Leave No Trace! "

Nick D.

Multiple Overnights on the Appalachian Trail

"I've been backpacking for about 7 years, and in that time I've taken many trips with Luke. He is always very prepared. But my favorite part about hiking with him is how often he will notice something beautiful or interesting that I had walked right by. It might be a colorful salamander, or a bizarre mushroom, or the way the sunlight hits the tree leaves. His appreciation for all the nature around him makes every hike much richer and more memorable."

Nick Z.

Multiple Day Hikes and Overnights all over the US.

“I took a trip to Montana, and chose to go backpacking with Luke. During this trip, he led us on different treks that I would have never found on my own. He really showed us the “real" Montana. He kept the trek fun, and had a lot of knowledge about the area. I would recommend hiking with Bitterroot Backpacking to everyone.”

Kevin D.

Overnight at Round Valley Reservoir in Lebanon NJ

" Luke was knowledgeable about the trail, and brought us to a place with a good water source and a camp site that was right on the water. He also helped me, a novice backpacker, light and take care of the campfire. It was a really great trip and I would recommend anyone take advantage of the chance to do a trip with Luke. I can't wait to make it out to the Bitterroots this summer!"

Brodie E.

Multiple Day Hikes in Montana

"During COVID, I felt like I barely got outdoors, which inspired me and my girlfriend to take a cross country road trip. While on our trip, it was fun to just explore but we thought it may be fun to have a guide. Then we stumbled upon Bitterroot Backpacking. Were we impressed that our guide, Luke, really knew the area and was clearly very comfortable with the terrain. He had a great vibe! I honestly couldn't recommend this company enough!