2022 Bitterroot Backpacking Health and Safety Policies

Equipment Sanitation

Equipment rented for trips is to be sanitized after each use as according to company standard operating procedures. Some of those procedures include:

- Backpacks are to be sanitized with sanitizing spray and wiped down between outings.

- Sleeping bag liners are to be washed by a contracted cleaning service with hot water and anti-bacterial soaps to kill germs and viruses.

- Hiking poles are to be sanitized with sanitizing spray and wiped down between outings.

Social Distancing Measures

Guides will follow the guidelines established by the CDC, state, and counties in which we conduct business.

Guests are required to bring their own masks and/or PPE. Additional masks may or may not be available.

Food Prep and Sanitation

Food will be prepared by guides who first properly sanitize hands and wear a face mask while preparing the food.

Most food comes pre-packed or is prepared by boiling, reducing the risk of spreading germs and viruses.

Screening for Illness

Guides will not provide guided trips if they show any symptoms of illness.

Guides will be required to screen for COVID-19 virus via testing if they show symptoms of illness.

Guests are asked to get a COVID-19 test before a trip, but not required. Guests will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms prior to trip.

Personal Sanitation

Please bring your own hand sanitizer!

Guides will carry hand sanitizer at all times.

CDC Hand Hygiene Guidelines

Safety - On the Trail

Learn more about what we do to keep you safe in the wilderness.

Garmin In-Reach Satellite Communicator

All guides hike with a Garmin In-Reach Satellite Communicator. These devices show GPS location, have messaging capabilities, and can call for emergency help with the push of a single button.


We use checklists to make sure we provide all of the gear you need and you have brought all of the other gear you need!

Hiking Poles

In our book, hiking poles are considered PPE (personal protective equipment). They help mitigate the risk of slips, trips, and falls.

Pre-Hike Safety Check

Before all of our trips, we will review the hike, weather, and trail conditions. Then we will discuss trail safety using the principles as outlined by "Start Safety".