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Montana, USA

Float on peaceful backcountry lakes.

Embark on a guided day hike to a backcountry lake with packrafts. At the lake, you'll float while your guide prepares lunch. Essential gear, snacks, lunch, packrafts, and packs included.

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Step outside your tent to see the Milky Way.

Set off for a few nights in the backcountry. Set up camp and explore peaks and hidden lakes far from human reach.

Learn how to camp, navigate, and "leave no trace" in the backcountry!

Join a public trip or create your own!

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Hike in amazing places.

Plan out and embark on a guided hike that's custom-made to your preferences.

Guide carries essential gear, GPS communicator and safety gear! Snacks, Backpack Rentals, and Trekking Pole Rentals Included.

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Explore the Bitterroot with a local guide.

Reserve a day with a local guide!

Start your day at a wildlife refuge, then hike a hidden gem in the National Forest. Have backpacker style picnic in the wilderness, then head back to civilization for town fun! End the day in hammocks by the river or on a ridge top for sunset!

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